The Holiday Season Lasts From Thanksgiving Through My Birthday

My Birthday is 7 weeks after Christmas Eve and 6 weeks from New Year’s Eve. When I was a child, I decided that my birthday being where it was meant that the holiday season started on Thanksgiving and extended through my birthday. It certainly makes January a better month ๐Ÿ˜Š. I’m planning on using this new website to keep everyone more up-to-date with my life (which I’m terrible at typically...), keeping myself accountable for little mini challenges (like only water to drink for a month), blogging about the books and reading challenges I’m doing in 2018 in a quest to read more,  posts on subjects I’m interested in, and, of course, post relating to #NannyLife (though most of those will be on

Happy Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone and enjoy your extended holiday season!



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