Happy New Year, Darlings!

I made quite a few changes in my life in 2017 and am continuing to enjoy my life as, well, as my own life and everything that falls into being Caitlin Windsor. There was so much good that happened to me and to those around me in 2017, but there was also some really hard trials that I went through. I'm grateful at the close of this year that I have people in my life that love me and, when I felt most alone, I had my Heavenly Father who loves and prizes me for who I am, not for who I wish I was. I've slowly been making some changes in my life in recent months; so, I don't want to call these New Year's Resolutions exactly. It's just a convenient time to announce them to all of you 😊

Starting in 2018, I'm going to endeavor to read more, drink more water, and be more open about my life and what I'm really thinking about beyond the conversations and interactions in my day to day life. Granted, this could easily be read by no one or, who knows, I might one day go "viral" and the world will know exactly how unique I really am 😁

Whatever the case may be, I hope your New Year is marvelous, that you love one another, and that you try new things.




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