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Happy New Year, Darlings!

I made quite a few changes in my life in 2017 and am continuing to enjoy my life as, well, as my own life and everything that falls into being Caitlin Windsor. There was so much good that happened to me and to those around me in 2017, but there was also some really hard trials that I went through. I'm grateful at the close of this year that I have people in my life that love me and, when I felt most alone, I had my Heavenly Father who loves and prizes me for who I am, not for who I wish I was. I've slowly been making some changes in my life in recent months; so, I don't want to call these New Year's Resolutions exactly. It's just a convenient time to announce them to all of you 😊

Starting in 2018, I'm going to endeavor to read more, drink more water, and be more open about my life and what I'm really thinking about beyond the conversations and interactions in my day to day life. Granted, this could easily be read by no one or, who knows, I might one day go …

2018 Reading Challenges

Hey Lovelies!
Alright, so I decided in the last month or so that I really wanted to be intentional
about reading in 2018. I read quite a bit normally, but I don’t typically track the
books I read or write down what I thought about what I read or listened to, if the
book was an audiobook. This post will eventually contain links to all the challenges
I’m going to attempt on 2018. I’ll have both a link to the external site or blog the
challenge is hosted by, as well as a link the post on my own website for each
challenge. I’m quite looking forward to the next year, as far as reading goes, and
excited to share it with you.

A Combination of PopSugar’s Reading Challenge 2018 While I Was Reading-2018 Reading Challenge Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge 2018 and

2018 New Release Challenge

There are 64 different categories between the PopSugar 2018 Reading Challenge
and the While I Was Reading 2018 Challenge. I will be using the Contemporary
Romance and the 2018 New Release Challenge to fill the re…

The Holiday Season Lasts From Thanksgiving Through My Birthday

My Birthday is 7 weeks after Christmas Eve and 6 weeks from New Year’s Eve. When I was a child, I decided that my birthday being where it was meant that the holiday season started on Thanksgiving and extended through my birthday. It certainly makes January a better month 😊. I’m planning on using this new website to keep everyone more up-to-date with my life (which I’m terrible at typically...), keeping myself accountable for little mini challenges (like only water to drink for a month), blogging about the books and reading challenges I’m doing in 2018 in a quest to read more,  posts on subjects I’m interested in, and, of course, post relating to #NannyLife (though most of those will be on

Happy Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone and enjoy your extended holiday season!